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Welcome to CAPSAARX! We are almost ready to begin our journey, so here’s a little about us.


CAPSAARX was founded after me, Amie – the Director had difficulties getting other promoters, booking agents and industry contacts to notice my band. The problem here was that we were unsigned. Over the years the music industry has changed and labels rarely approach new acts, especially in the heavy metal genre. Another issue here, is that they don’t give out thousands of pounds in advances and they tend to want to take a pretty hefty cut of your profits that you have worked hard for in order for you to be on their roster.

In my 8 years in the music industry, I felt this wasn’t on. As someone who has done everything herself; merchandising, admin, bookings, management, composing and recording I just wasn’t prepared to give up my rights for a restrictive 360 deal just so Mister Big Shot booking agent for Festival X would take note. So I decided to set up CAPSAARX. A platform for bands to release their music under with no obligation, no 360 deals and no rights to the music.

The idea behind CAPSAARX is that it’s power in numbers, and if us independent musos stick together, we stand a chance of being a force to be reckoned with.

So what is CAPSAARX all about?

Well, we offer services to help the independent musician doing it for themselves. The core of this service starts with PR campaigns.

When putting out a new release, whether this be a video, single or album it can be very time consuming to get this out there. You need to think about reviews, radio play, magazine coverage and news coverage and it can often be difficult if you don’t have many contacts.

This is where CAPSAARX comes in. We offer affordable 1, 3 and 6 month campaigns. We also offer more tailored campaigns based on your needs, whether this span two weeks or two years.

All of our campaigns offer the following;

  • Posts in facebook groups dedicated specifically to the genre
  • Major Webzine Coverage
  • Post in Forums that are genre specific
  • Your Press Release will be sent to various review sites
  • Music will be sent to radio stations for airplay
  • We also contact magazines for coverage

So what is this going to cost me? I hear you say. Well we like to think we are an affordable way of lightening the load around the time of your releases or tour promotion. A month long campaign is £50 and three months £150. Think of it as 15 CD sales if you are selling your album at £10. That’s not a bad deal.

PR Services are what we are kicking off our venture with. By doing this we raise more awareness with our industry contacts about our brand. So what’s in store for the future of us?

Alongside these campaigns we will be publishing news posts, aimed at musicians filled with advice, tips and free downloads. Articles from how to get through your first gig, to the best way of releasing your album and booking tours. We will also be offering free downloads such as Electronic Press Kit templates and merchandise management templates.

Down the road we will also be offering WordPress Website Templates starting from £150 which will be completely customisable, easy to use, SEO friendly and completely tailored to the needs of a musician or band. We will also offer more bespoke website design and development for when you want something a little unique.

The fun doesn’t stop here though, we are planning a whole bunch of seminars and workshops in Birmingham where musicians, friends and family can pop along and ask for advice. We will also be offering consultancy and management advice alongside this.

Why are we doing so much? Well over the past 8 years we’ve worked our behinds off trying to keep on top of the music industry and find our niche within it. Our only gripe is that we didn’t have someone to help us along the way when we started out. We don’t think music is a competition. We are passionate about music and the scene and think everyone deserves a chance.

With that, I hope you will keep in touch and follow the CAPSAARX journey – for the musicians, by the musicians.

– Amie

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